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Christliche Selbsthilfegruppen und Seelsorge für Lesben und Schwule, Ex-Gays und ihre Lieben

Online Groups

It started as an experiment -- an online chapter. It's been continuing for many years now. It is open for anyone and to anyone as another avenue to work the steps and correspond with others.

You are welcome to participate.

All online members are anonymous (usernames only). Of course, you must help maintain your own anonymity. Before you give us your e-mail name, be sure it contains no information you may not wish to send, e.g., your last name.

To find out more send an email: free32@gmx.de

Note: We have gender-specific groups (male). There are no mixed groups at the moment! Also you need to be adult to take part in the program.


From a member of a Homosexuals Anonymous online group (published with permission):

"Before ha there was no way to  get out of this... no one can  help you. You have no value. Go ahead stay in the  g scene. Nobody loves you any way.
Then i met loving believers here in my hometown.  Loving believers are very rare now. They are like diamonds and pearls; hard to find precious and rare.
They started helping me to get out of this gay life. They really shared their love and knowledge their time and their wisdom.   They taught me. I learned. They helped me with my new identity in Christ. When i learned  Jesus loves me/us and God does not hate us.. I was like great lets go to the bars and celebrate.  They explained it doesn't work this way.
I started my support group with ha and look forward to the meetings every week. We sang, we prayed and then read the steps one  by one. I just focused on my healing this was my goal and only goal to heal. One guy was  getting married to a woman. Another guy sang so beautiful every time he sang and played his guitar streams of  tears would come out of my eyes.. a sister in Christ came every meeting to provide hugs to all of us. sometimes i need at least 10 just in one meeting. We exchanged phone numbers called and supported each other.Prayed for each other. Hung out together.. we all kept learning.
I believe the very first steps are the hardest. It calls for a life style change. i broke up with my lover of 12-14 years. He always said he was straight so i wondered what is he doing with me?
I stopped the drugs and alcohol to get me in tune  with my feelings. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. etc. It was not easy. Stopped going  to the gay bars. We talked about affectation how we look and how we act. With ha help i was able to start throwing away condoms and i did. I also started throwing away porno. My last porno pic was of my x naked. I throw it away.. Little by little bondage's were being broken. The curse of masturbation was broken. This was put away. and has been gone now for years. It no longer has a power over me.
I started praying,humbling myself and asking God for help in His Son's  name.  This caused a relationship with Him. I have called Him Father thousands of times.  He is a loving Father.
I fell in love with Jesus.  He appeared to me in a vision At a Revival. I did not even know what a revival was.He also comes sometimes in my dreams. Just to let me know he is watching over me. He is here for me. He will be there for you too. Follow Him you won't regret it. Jesus is the most beautiful phenomenon in the Universe. He created the Universes.He is  pure love.In His presence you will melt down emotional, spiritually. You will become like a child again. I cried, cry and  cried rivers of tears. I cried just like a baby. Who hadn't seen his Father but now met Him.I was never the same again.  Everyone looks beautiful to me now.
For me the changes came in seeds of love, mercy and gratitude,  thankfulness. They grew in my heart and now i enjoy the fruits of hope, truth, love, joy wisdom and many more. Obedience and developing a relationship with Our Father and His Son has been the most beautiful experience in my life.
I know many of us come from different backgrounds.Germany, USA, Ireland,Egypt, Iran, Russia, New Zealand. I send my love to all of  you. Jesus taught me to love and continues to teach me about love. What have I learned?
I have learned Allah our Father loves us all very much. He wants to teach us how to love  ourselves when many of us couldn't even love  ourselves. He wants  to teach us to love our neighbors.He wants  to teach us to love our enemies. He wants to teach us to love God, our Heavenly Father.
Like a Father a loving Father He has so many wonderful gifts He wants to share with  us the greatest gift in the Universe. His Son.

André's Letter to the Online Groups

(André co-leads the online program)

I am saddened today as I look into this group to see that there is nearly no one participating anymore. I am nearly crying, literally because when I see no one in here I know that you whom came to us for help, have likely returned to the vomit. Prov. 26:11 says; "As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly." KJV And that is what it appears many of you are doing. You are returning back to your old bad habits, and turning your back on God. It makes me cry because we leaders and the founders of HA have poured our hearts into these groups to be a tool of God to help you who are struggling with ssa [same-sex attractions] to turn away from that life style to a life designed and led by God. It makes me cry because I like God would wish that all would come to Him and be saved. But, if you are turning your backs on Him, perhaps you are not really saved. I am crying because I love you all and as a parent would cry to see his/her son/daughter wade in the mud, it makes my heart break in two that you would make such a decision as to follow the ways of the world rather than the ways of God. Jesus also cried when He looked down upon Jerusalem and saw how they to had turned their backs upon Him.
Could your excuses be that you are too busy to spend time in here and with God?  Or is your business spent in doing things of the world like going to the bathhouses, looking at porn on the internet, gay bars or whatever. If you have time for that, have you also no time for God? Which is more important, time with God now or eternity in hell? It's your choice. I would pray that you would all come back, back here and back to God before it is too late.
My heart and tears are literally pouring out for you guys. Please come to God !


(March 19th, 2011)

Stop the whining!

We do not ask anything from those who contact us at Jason and Homosexuals Anonymous but the will to be free. This will is not just an abstract, intellectual thing. It is a will that shows itself in a motivation that keeps you going no matter how hard it is and how long it will be.

However, we are N-O-T another psychotherapy group. If you goal is not freedom, but to keep on whining so others might pity you, go somewhere else. This is for real dudes.

Some guys though seem to be afraid that by acting like a man they might finally become one. So they spend the rest of their lives pitying themselves and going from one psychotherapy to another, constantly whining how hard life is, that nobody loves and/or understands them and how much they hurt. Well, let me tell you one thing: this is real life. You can spend the rest of your days throwing a pity part – or picking up the fight.

If you choose to whine and blame the whole world for your “pain”, do not come to us. You waste your own and our time and energy. It is not the program’s fault, nor the therapist’s, the group’s, your parents’, or anybody else’s but yourself. Your are grown up. Accept responsibility for your life. Some people completely reject any tool that might help them gain freedom – because they might not be able to whine anymore. They will tell you they want to change, but they don’t. They are big babies and need to be treated as such. Unless you force them to get up their butts (like by withdrawing any material or other support for their lives) they will not do a thing to move one step ahead.

Sounds hard – but actually it is for their own best. This group is for real men and women, those who know what they want and seek appropriate help to go and get it. Those who will overcome their fears and go for that one goal – no matter what.

Remember that there is no courage without fear. Cowardice, laziness and self-pity, however, will never get you anywhere.


Was ist das eigentlich, "Homosexualitaet"?

Kurz gesagt, die Tatsache, dass sich jemand überwiegend und über einen längeren Zeitraum hinweg in sexueller und/oder emotionaler Hinsicht zum eigenen Geschlecht hingezogen fühlt. Wir bevorzugen aber den Begriff "gleichgeschlechtliche Neigungen". Zum einen ist der Begriff "Homosexualität" (als eigenständige Form der Sexualität) noch gar nicht so alt. In klinischer Hinsicht konzentriert er sich vor allem auf die sexuelle Anziehung, was jedoch zu kurz gegriffen ist, da man hier die emotionale Zuneigung außer Acht lässt. Zum anderen sind wir als Christen der Überzeugung, dass es nur eine Gott-gegebene Form der Sexualität gibt - und das ist die Heterosexualität. Ja, es gibt Menschen, die - aus welchen Gründen auch immer (und seien sie "genetisch") - gleichgeschlechtlich empfinden, wir sehen dies aber nicht als eine eigenständige Identität, sondern als Teil der Heterosexualität an. Dies bedeutet keine Abwertung von Menschen mit gleichgeschlechtlichen Neigungen oder eine Minder-Bewertung unseres Empfindens - ganz im Gegenteil. Wir sehen uns als Teil von etwas, das größer ist als wir (Gottes heterosexuelle Schöpfung) und sind weder besser noch schlechter als andere Menschen noch sehen wir uns als etwas Besonderes an und blicken auch nicht auf die herab, die ihre gleichgeschlechtlichen Neigungen ausleben. Auch konzentriert sich unser Leben nicht auf unser sexuelles und/oder emotionales Empfinden, sondern auf den, dem wir nachfolgen und der uns eine teuer erkaufte Freiheit geschenkt hat, damit auch wir frei sein können: Jesus Christus.

Hinweis fuer Priester und Ordensangehoerige sowie Mitarbeiter in pastoralen Diensten:

Sie dürfen sich jederzeit - auf Wunsch auch anonym - an uns wenden. Sämtliche Anfragen werden vertraulich behandelt.

Kontakt-Telefonnummer: 089-78018960

Kontakt-Email: free32@gmx.de

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

Freedom from SSA


there are many professionals who are able to scientifically explain to you how to find freedom from same-sex attractions.

I am a simple man so I will try to tell you in simple terms.

Imagine a father who wants to teach his son how to ride a bike. He will not give him a lesson on the functioning of each single part, where it came from and what it is made of. Nor will he lecture on how the human body works and how the mind coordinates things. He loves his sonny and wants him to be able to ride that bike on his own.

Of course, he could let him continue to ride with additional wheels, but this is not what the father wants. Daddy knows that his son will likely fall a couple of times. There will be tears and some pain as well. But as a loving father he buys his son a bike and takes him out to teach him how to ride.

Now the son does not expect a big lesson or a manual to start with. Yes, he might be somewhat scared as he does not know what to expect and how to handle this bike without additional wheels that keep it stable. But he knows that he can fully trust his father. He loves his daddy more than anything - and daddy loves him. So he takes a courageous first step and lets daddy show him how to do it.

Daddy will fist be there all the time to hold his son while he rides. However, step by step he will let him run a little bit on his own.

Sonny will ride this first bits all shaky and insecure, but then again he trusts his daddy, so he manages to do it - sort of.

Sometimes he will fall and have his knee scratched. Tears will roll down his cheek, but daddy will hold him im his arms and encourage him to take another effort.

Day by day little sonny will drive a little longer all by himself, until he finally manages to ride that bike completely alone. Daddy will be so proud of his son and his son will come running into his arms, thanking his beloved daddy for keeping his promise to be there all the time when things were getting rough on him. Daddy told him that he will ride that bike and all his little son had to do is to trust him just enough that he goes for it.

Sometimes all that keeps us from succeeding is the lack of belief that it can be done.