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Christliche Selbsthilfegruppen und Seelsorge für Lesben und Schwule, Ex-Gays und ihre Lieben

Letters to the Community

On this page you can read letters to the gay community, written by members of the online group.

Todd: I Have Made My Choice!

I don't understand where my homosexual attractions come from. Many people say I must have been born this way, that it is because I have a gene that predispositions me to attraction to my same gender. But that doesn't mean the only choice I have is to accept these attractions.

One of the greatest gifts given to the human race, is their free will and ability to choose their own path. While my homosexual attractions may not be something I choose to have, I do have the choice of whether or not to cultivate those attractions or to cultivate what I believe is the truer reflection of who I am and who I was created to be. I choose a path, that while it may not be the most easy, popular, or culturally acceptable path, I believe it is the better path for me. I choose change.

By choosing this path, I reject the most common messages given to those of us who face unwanted homosexual feelings - that we have no choice. We do have a choice. I can testify personally, that we most certainly have a choice.

Making the choice to follow the path of change has been hard. I have felt pain. I have at times been discouraged. I did not experience immediate results. It has been a slow process. But I am ok with that. Pain is not always the negative thing we categorize it as. Sometimes pain is caused by growth.

Some may label me homophobic. Others may say that I am being pressured by a heterosexual world to conform. I reject both of those statements. I do not fear homosexuals or fear my own homosexual attractions. In fact, as part of my desire to change, I have accepted that I have these feelings and that they are a part of who I am currently, but they do not and will not define who I will be.

I do not feel pressure to conform to any world view, other than my own and that world view is that change is possible. In fact the pressure I feel comes from the homosexual world, that tells me I have no choice, that I can not change, change is not real, and if I do change than I will never be happy, never be at peace. But again I say, I have a choice, and I choose change.

Please don't reject me and my experiences simply because I disagree with you, as I will not reject you if you disagree with me. But I do want you to know that whether you accept or reject me does not change the fact, that I have made my choice and I am a better person for it.


Yoseph: We Love You All!

An Open Letter to the Gay Ghetto Community:

Many of us have found ourselves in this situation. We go to the gay bars every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights on week-ends off from work. We drink, we smoke, we do recreational drugs. We socialize and have sex with guys. We have a blast, partying, drinking at all the gay bars along the strips. You're having fun.

Then you get busted with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) stopped by the police. Your apprehended under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both. You go to jail. You pay fines, given community service, you must attend mandatory AA, NA or both group sessions. Some of us have more than one DWI and are convicted and sent to prison or up to 4 years of our life.

Or you're so intoxicated with alcohol or drugs or both and you have an overdose.

Your lover comes down with a serious veneral disease and he just gave it to you. You do not know what to do.

The gay ghetto life style is getting scary now. The violence, the criminal life-style, the drugs, the alcohol, the casual sexual experiences are so shallow. There is no love to be found. The hate is unbearable. Your going through emotional let downs and melt downs. The man you thought you would find is no where near.

Many of us come from similiar broken back grounds. We asked the same questions? Where can we get our next fix? Who can help us? Our lives were so confused. We cried out for help.

But, we bring Good News! Do not despair! 2,000 years ago. Christ our Savior died for you! So you would be saved and have an eternal beautiful life with out disease or sickness.  So you would be forgiven from your sins. He came to Earth to give all man kind a better life. He came so we would have abundant life! God Our Father sent His Only Begotten Son Jesus to die for you. But, you might say well I am gay, I am an alcoholic, I'm homeless, I have AIDS He loves me?  Yes, He does! Surprising, amazing but it is true. You might say I don't fit into any of these catagories; regardless Jesus Christ the Savior of this World came so that you would not perish but have everlasting life. Your part is to accept Him and say you believe in Jesus Christ and believe He died for your sins at Calvary.

When you accept Jesus as your Savior you now have a new life in Christ. The Holy Spirit will take it from there. You can now start talking to Our Father in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit will lead you to new green pastures. 

To the gay ghetto community  we can say we love you all very much because our Savior loves you all very, very much too.



From a member of our online group:

"I can only speak for myself, I knew from a young age that experiencing SSA  was anything but normal for everyone else. Why would I chose to be this way, but somehow it seemed to be who  I was, it didn't seemed that I had any choice. I lived for years (decades) hating who I was. There wasn't a moment of any day where I didn't feel deeply sad and broken. I eventually gave up the fight to be normal, like other men, realising that there was nothing  that I could do to change, so I decide to embrace the lifestyle, thinking that this would set me free, but instead I found my world spiralling further downward and out of control. Brief sexual encounters and pornography would cover the pain of my life for a while, but soon the rush of guilt and shame flooded over me once more. I would spend nights depressed,  hating and ashamed of who I was and who I had become, an addict to lust and brief illicit encounters which promised hope and love for a moment but no matter how I  indulged the sadness and emptiness of my soul never could be filled. At night I would lay on my bed and want to die from the loneliness that I lived no matter how many encounters I had during that day, and I would hate myself more for being so broken.

Then one day God spoke into my life, through the story in Mark 5:24-34 a women who had suffered with an illness for many years who was healed by just touching Jesus cloak, I knew if I could touch god that he could heal me, I heard him speak to my heart "do you want to be healed?", all I could hope for was that He would heal me. And that began my journey to where I am today. It has been a long journey back from my brokenness.

I can honestly say that I never believed that it could be true for me that I would finally find happiness and contentment in living the life I now live. I have walked away from homosexuality and I have gotten my life back. I no longer live with the deep sadness that characterised my life before, it has been replaced by peace and love, and confidence and unspeakable joy, where once I was living but dead, and now I am alive to the very core of my being. God has saved me from a prison that I believe  il would never escape...... tony"

(used with permission)

Wir bei Jason sind gerne bereit, uns mit schwulen Gruppierungen und/oder Einzelpersonen zu treffen. Unsere Hand ist immer ausgestreckt und wir sehen sie nicht als "Feinde" oder "Aussätzige". Offenbar gilt das aber umgekehrt nicht immer. So scheint es undenkbar, eine gemeinsame Veranstaltung mit uns zu machen, da dies für die eigene Organisation möglicherweise "rufschädigend" wäre. Als "Beleg" werden dann inrgendwelche Links oder etwas von unserer Homepage (oder der von mit uns befreundeten Organisationen) zitiert, dass dann pauschal als unwahr, manipulativ oder was auch immer hingestellt wird. Das ist offensichtlich einfacher als sich mit uns direkt zu unterhalten und Informationen aus erster Quelle zu bekommen. Schnell werden wir in eine radikale oder dubiose Ecke gestellt - was eigentlich eher den Mitteln einer unsäglichen Propaganda entspricht. Die eigene schwule Organisation oder Grundhaltung wird dann gerne als "respektvoll" oder "achtsam" oder "tolerant" wiedergegeben - zumindest wenn es um uns als Einzelpersonen gilt. Dies klingt wenig glaubhaft, wenn man zum einen nicht einmal bereit ist, sich mit uns öffentlich zu treffen oder einfach nur mit uns direkt zu reden und zum anderen wenn versucht wird, unsere Überzeugungen auf ein privates Lebenszeugnis zu reduzieren und uns das Recht auf einge eigene Meinung (inklusiv der öffentlichen Bekanntgabe derselben) abgesprochen wird - zumindest in Gegenwart der eigenen Organisation. Das gilt dann als "unverantwortlich" und - was die eigene Organisation betrifft - so gilt der gemeinsame öffentliche Auftritt als "rufschädigend". Werte wie Toleranz, Respekt, Meinungsfreiheit, Nicht-Diskriminierung gelten wohl nur für bestimmte Gruppen von Menschen. Ist es nicht genauseo rufschädigend, diskriminierend, respektlos und möglicherweise gar rufschädigend, wenn uns Dinge aufgrund der Meinung Dritter unterstellt werden, ohne sich jemals direkt mit uns unterhalten zu haben? Nun gut, wir sind derartiges gewohnt. Im Grunde sagen Menschen, die Derartiges über uns verbreiten, damit weniger etwas über uns, sondern über sich selbst und die eigene Einstellung aus. Wir werden auch weiterhin für unsere Werte und Überzeugungen eintreten.

"Wer mich aber vor den Menschen verleugnet, den werde auch ich vor meinem Vater im Himmel verleugnen."
Matthäus 10,33 (Einheitsübersetzung)