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The Net

Be careful about surfing the net. If you should come across something you know you should not look at, please delete it right away. Temptation is a nasty addiction, in that when you see something, it entices you to come inside and stay a little while, which in turn turns to succumbing fully to the temptation. Just as Joseph ran from Potiphar's wife, you, too, must run away from any temptation.
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Article by Tim Wilkins

Safe Web Surfing

"It appears the sin of choice among Christians today is Internet pornography," writes James T. Draper Jr., president of LifeWay Christian Resources.

To be sure, avoiding temptation is far superior to overcoming temptation. The apostle Paul wrote, It is God's will that you should ... avoid sexual immorality. Avoiding web porn lessens the likelihood of having to resist it.

Here are ten guidelines for safely surfing the Net.

1 Disconnect from the Internet! Also known as a "modemectomy," this option is often met with incredulity — "That's preposterous!"

Is it? Jesus said if your hand, foot, or eye causes you to sin, get rid of it! Hyperbole made His point.

A mother called me expressing her and her husband's distress on learning their eighteen-year-old son was viewing gay porn online. I invited all three to my office. After some conversation, I excused the parents so Ted and I could talk. Ted admitted his struggle with homosexuality and gay porn. When his parents returned I suggested, among other things, the family disconnect from the Internet. Immediately the father appeared agitated, "That's impossible, my work depends on it." After more conversation, they left. I was not surprised to later learn from Ted that the father's agitation stemmed from his web porn use also; the father's secret was no secret to Ted. "Like father, like son!" Can't disconnect? Try fasting thirty to ninety days.

2 Ask a friend for accountability! Confide your struggle with a prayer partner; such relationships are precisely what web porn hinders. See www.covenanteyes.net which e-mails questionable web sites you've visited to your accountability partner.

3 Use a filtering system or a clean Internet provider. Some are listed here:

One system, Watchdog, takes random shots of what's on your monitor and records text of all program usage; it searches and displays a list of all graphics, even if someone has tried to hide them. Your accountability partner can check where you've been at any time. A director of a ministry to sex addicts allows his pastor, board, and family to check on him. Visit Watchdog at www.charlesriver.com/WD.html.

4 Move the computer to a high traffic area. Viewing porn diminishes when the computer sits in the family room. Avoid any room where doors can be closed.

5 Let teens surf only under adult supervision. Even if the computer sits in a high traffic area, limit its use to times when mom or dad is nearby.

6 Get what you need and get off the web! Browsing can be a mistake! When my wife goes "shopping," I know she will return with only the item(s) she is shopping for; but when she says, "Honey, I'm going to the mall to browse," she will undoubtedly return with a half dozen shopping bags.

7 Stay off the web at night when fatigue makes you vulnerable to temptation. A tired body is a tempted body! Insomniacs beware: Counting sheep prevails over surfing the web.

8 Fortify your computer and work space. Be creative! Place Scripture on your screen saver pertaining to sexual temptation. Turn away my eyes from beholding vanity, the Bible says. Use a family photo or a picture of your wife as a reminder of your wedding vows.

To unblock his computer, one man must type his password, "I will follow Christ." Another user plays Christian music while surfing — an audible reminder to avoid porn.

9 Randomly or regularly check e-mail transmissions and web history. One family randomly checks their children's sent and received e-mails. A church has a different staff person check the history of all computers each month.

Keeping the history is a must. Such a measure, for example, might have saved one church staff member from falling into sin and losing his job. A pastor called me needing help; when a support staff person was out sick, another staff member retrieved a needed file from the sick staffer's computer. He found more than the needed file; porn had been downloaded from the Internet.

Visit these sites for help with web porn:

10 Finally, don't ask, "How much can I get away with and not be caught?" The prudent man knows that the true mark of a Christian is measured in what he would do if he knew he would never be found out!

Porn Blockers

When one tries to quit drinking, he needs to keep himself as far away as he can from booze. If he allows himself to be near it, it will be only a matter of time before the temptation to drink becomes to strong and he will be drinking again. Likewise, if you are trying to break the cycle of sin, you need to keep as far away as possible from anything at all connected to sin. You are only asking for a fall when you do that. That may well be the reason why you did not feel like you had any connection with God. For if you are involved in sin, He will not be sticking around. Likewise you need to break the habit of going online where you are in conversation or viewing porn. If need be get a porn blocker. Someone may even buy it for you if need be. You need to take drastic measures to flee from sin if you want to be free from it, and that might be a big and necessary step for you to put a porn blocker on your computer.

Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi

Model of true love and Patron saint of those who suffer from sexual temptations: http://www.trueknights.org/Newsletter/EletterV3I9-Saint.html


Internet Porn Epidemic | Jason Evert

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The 14 Steps

1. We admitted that we were powerless over our homosexuality and that our emotional lives were unmanageable.

2. We came to believe the love of God, who forgave us and accepted us in spite of all that we are and have done.

3. We learned to see purpose in our suffering, that our failed lives were under God's control, who is able to bring good out of trouble.

4. We came to believe that God had already broken the power of homosexuality and that He could therefore restore our true personhood.

5. We came to perceive that we had accepted a lie about ourselves, an illusion that had trapped us in a false identity.

6. We learned to claim our true reality that as humankind, we are part of God's heterosexual creation and that God calls us to rediscover that identity in Him through Jesus Christ, as our faith perceives Him.

7. We resolved to entrust our lives to our loving God and to live by faith, praising Him for our new unseen identity, confident that it would become visible to us in God's good time.

8. As forgiven people free from condemnation, we made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves, determined to root out fear, hidden hostility, and contempt for the world.

9. We admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs and humbly asked God to remove our defects of character.

10. We willingly made direct amends wherever wise and possible to all people we had harmed.

11. We determined to live no longer in fear of the world, believing that God's victorious control turns all that is against us into our favor, bringing advantage out of sorrow and order from disaster.

12. We determined to mature in our relationships with men and women, learning the meaning of a partnership of equals, seeking neither dominance over people nor servile dependency on them.

13. We sought through confident praying, and the wisdom of Scripture for an ongoing growth in our relationship with God and a humble acceptance of His guidance for our lives.

14. Having had a spiritual awakening, we tried to carry this message to homosexual people with a love that demands nothing and to practice these steps in all our lives' activities, as far as lies within us.

While the Homosexuals Anonymous Fellowship was inspired by the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, they are not really an adaptation. Rather, they were created specifically for this Fellowship, and should not be construed otherwise. AA, which is a program concerned only with recovery from alcoholism, and is not in any way affiliated with this Fellowship.

Homosexuals Anonymous