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Gay Wedding?

Posted on November 20, 2021 at 2:50 PM

Ex-Gays Should Not Attend a "Gay Wedding"! Or Should They?

(a response to Dr. Robert Gagnon)


I completely disagree. Sometime ago, I asked the participants of our Homosexuals Anonymous meeting if they would attend a gay wedding. Most said they would. To align that with the cup that aligns you with demons is rather far-stretched if not simply wrong (you quoted 1 Cor 10:14-22). We also do not become a stumbling block to others if we do (your quotation of 1 Corinthians 8-10). Why? Well, let's start at the end of the argument: What has come out of decades of using these kind of arguments? Not too much. Ex-gays spoke at Christian events or in Christian churches and most of the time even charged money for it (commonly refered to as "preaching to the choir"). Ministry to people with same-sex attractions, however, oftentimes lacked of basic qualifications in psychology, psychiatry and medicine - or the misuse thereof. Sometime ago we started doing what the Great Commission told us to: Go and make disciples. It does not mention to sit in your office or church building while waiting for someone to knock on your door. They won't. Well, to cut it short: when we went into the gay dating sites and when we started contacting and meeting with gays it turned out they had never heard of ex-gay ministries. They did express concern that it all had become (or always had been) a "meet market" and were very surprized when we showed genuine interest in them as human beings. About three weeks ago I had dinner with a former collegue who married someone of the same sex. I did not attend the wedding as I was not invited. However, we got along fine. Most of all though all of that opens doors. In the USA there is a huge gap between gays and ex-gays. Without what we are doing here gays would not even know we exist. Those who do refrain from even thinking about us as they are manipulated by gay propaganda and the politically correct media. The fact that we are really interested in getting to know them for who they are (not to raise the number of converts!) is one step closer for them to accept that some of them chose another way. Taking part in a gay wedding would take that even a step further. They know we disagree with the practice of such a union. However, for the first time they even listen to what we have to say. It opens doors in their hearts and minds. By taking part we express our love for them as persons. There are other ways you mean? I don't think so. Refusing to accept such an intimate offer where they really open their hearts for you also means those very hearts will be shut from now on. So we leave it up to our members whether or not they want to go. They get to hear both sides of the argument and can decide for themselves. Blessings, Robert (www.homosexuals-anonymous.com)

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