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Update from Bishop Paul

Posted on February 22, 2015 at 7:10 AM

Update from Bishop Paul (of course, he is part of the leadership as well!)!





Dear Robert,



Please find attached the February 2015 update fro Jason Ministries, Jason Foundation, Homosexuals anonymous.



It has been a pleasing period of time with an increase of 39 souls.



I was speaking to a group of Homosexuals recent and was called a some unpleasant names. The reason being, under Jason Ex Gay Ministries the leadership which I said I was part of includes only yourself, John and Andrea. I was called a fraud and liar and actually struck in the face and pushed out the door of the hall. Sadly the Lord Jesus was not glorified in this situation.



I am obviously disappointed and frustrated at this happening not to mention disappointed that the Lords ministry has been struck a blow.



God bless.







Jason Ministries Update


(Oceania, Africa, Asia, Middle East)


Country October 2014 February 2015 + -


1) American Samoa 13 16 3

2) Australia 04 03 1

3) Congo 07 09 2

4) Fiji 07 09 2

5) Ghana 02 02

6) Iran 02 07 5

7) Kenya 06 06

8) New Caledonia 01 02 1

9) New Zealand 19 16 3

10) Nigeria 02 02

11) Papua New Guinea 20 22 2

12) Philippines 35 43 8

13) Republic of the Congo 08 08

14) Samoa 15 16 1

15) Singapore 12 14 2

16) Sri Lanka 07 08 1

17) South Africa 07 10 3

18) Sudan 03 05 2

19) Thailand 17 24 7

20) Uganda 01 01

Totals 188 223 39 4

This represents an increase of 35 since October 2014 of Online Group members.


Sadly we lost 3 online members both from New Zealand. We will pray that they return and try again to overcome SSA. I do believe that part of this decline is as a result of the relatively new Same Sex Marriage Bill.


There has been increases in a number of existing countries.

American Samoa 3

Congo 2

Fiji 2

Iran 5

New Caledonia 1

Papua New Guinea 2

Philippines 8

Samoa 1

Singapore 2

Sri Lanka 1

South Africa 3

Sudan 2

Thailand 7


The Philippines and Thailand are bucking the trend by continual growth given their openness to "buying" sex now seen as a tourist commodity. Please pray that more will see the light and desire freedom.


Sudan and Iran have surprised in that combined they have experienced a healthy growth of 7.

The online anonymity seems to be helping members by holding firm to their confidences and yet at the same time, opening them up to much needed sharing with others who are experiencing the same or similar concerns in the lives as far as SSA goes. I am likewise seeing a deepening of Christian understandings by a number within the Group. This is a very difficult thing to achieve given the backgrounds that some have come from given the countries that they live in and the pressures that they live under such as Islamic and other beliefs that have ruled their lives. It is a blessings to see these men opening their hearts to receive the Gospel and indeed starting to talk freely about almighty God.


The Lord is continuing to do a mighty work of grace in the above mentioned countries. Oftentimes I have no knowledge as to how these dear souls happen to come across JASON, but I am pleased they do. There is so much hurt, suffering and pain being experienced by these members that they are crying for help and turning to Jesus Christ to turn them from SSA to that which is beautiful in His sight.


God bless.


+ Bishop Paul

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