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LGBT Propaganda in Romania

Posted on October 7, 2014 at 1:50 PM

LGBT propaganda in Romania – from 2000s to present

Legalisation of gay sexual relationship: Article 200 (Articolul 200 in Romanian) was a section of the Penal Code of Romania that criminalised homosexual relationships. It was introduced in 1968, under the communist regime, during the rule Nicolae Ceauşescu, and remained in force until it was repealed by the Năstase government on 22 June 2001. Under pressure from the Council of Europe, it had been amended on 14 November 1996, when homosexual sex in private between two consenting adults was decriminalised. (source: Wikipedia.org)


More details on Article 200: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_200

This is the moment when LGBT community started to fight for their “rights”. In 2005 “ACCEPT-ROMANIA” that is first pro-gay support NGO realised the first Gay-Fest in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. This year (2014), their partners were politicians, the foreign embassies in Bucharest (Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherland, Canada, Australia, Austria, Swissland, Finlande, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Sweden) with the support of Representace of the European Commission for “support of human rights”. What about the Children rights?

Some romanian politicians thate support gay “rights”: Remus Cernea that is an independent politician, former member of Partidul Verde ( “Green Party”) that bringed a gay “couple” in Parliament when the Deputies signed for “civil partenership” between same-sex people; Monica Macovei was in PDL (Democral-Liberal Party), sent support letter to ACCEPT-ROMANIA in 2010, when Traditionalist Christians have tried to stop the gay-fest parade from Bucharest.


Homosexuality in Romanian Mass-media

In 2013 ProTV, an Romanian channel broadcasted “Patru nunti si o provocare” (English: “Four wedding and one challenge” when a gay “couple” has been united trough a Lesbian “priest” from Canada.

Press wrote a lot of interviews with gays to prove that they could be good “parents” too.


Gay propaganda in schools

In 2010, ACCEPT-ROMANIA have started to promote homexuality in schools using a programme called “School distinctly”, (“Școala altfel” in Romanian). Pupils were teached homosexuality it’s just an personal option, they don’t chosed and it’s “normally”. Also, pupils walked with LGBT rainbow flag in their schools similarly to a “Gay-fest pride”.



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