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Christliche Selbsthilfegruppen und Seelsorge für Lesben und Schwule, Ex-Gays und ihre Lieben



Posted on December 24, 2020 at 4:25 AM

Some gays or gay-friendly activists cite like-minded psychiatrists to back their cause and put down those, who assist people who do not want to act out their same-sex attractions. So how about it?

I have been taken professional training in psychology for many years now and very much appreciate this science as well as the need for it in therapy and in everyday life. However, what we see today in psychology and psychiatry is a very distorted version of it that has little to do with science and much with politics.

For hundreds of years science has seen "homosexuality" as a "disorder". All of a sudden they changed their view. Now this is nothing unheard of - it is part of science. But, if the change in view has politics as its reason and not science, we have a problem.

Today, statistics show clearly that MSM (men who have sex with men), a tiny percentage in the overall population, have an enormous percentage in the number of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Yet, assisting those who do not want to go that way is claimed harmful.

Healing identity problems and fulfilling unmet emotional needs on the inside by mutilating healthy human bodys ("reassignment surgery on transgenders") on the outside while violating the hippocratic oath is seen as "science".

Many years ago I always wondered why so many people (especially men) with same-sex attractions all over the globe (!) have similar life stories - a nonexisting bond with their same-sex parent in childhood, emotional/verbal/physical/sexual abuse and the like. Why they all obviously try to heal their inner wounds and unmet legitimate needs with sex - probably due to lack of a better means or help from others. Just to tell them "well, if you feel like it, just do it then! Have sex with someone your own gender!" is not science, it is irresponsability and total negligence (NOT tolerance!).

Limiting scientific research by forcing a political scheme on it - hereby only allowing politically correct outcome - is not sciencee, but propagande. Yet so many scientists yield to it without having the guts to stand up to the value and standards of their profession. Some use unproven claims, evaluations, personal opinion, politics, propaganda in order to disclaim opposing views. Again: that's not science and you are not doing psychiatry, psychology, neurology or medicine a favor. Science observes and researches and does not judge or even limit observation or research.

So before you quote a psychiatrist or the like in order to back your - political! - theories, think twice if that won't backfire.

Psychische Störung?

Posted on December 13, 2020 at 1:35 PM

Der Begriff "psychische Störung" und alle damit verwandten Begriffe sind in meinen Augen wenig hilfreich. Zur Definition werden Kriterien wie statistische Seltenheit, Verletzung von sozialen Normen, persönliches Leid, Beeinträchtigung der Lebensführung oder unangemessenes Verhalten angeführt. Allein die Aufzählung zeigt schon auf, dass hiermit mehr Fragen als Antworten verbunden sind. Ist ein Mensch, der allein im Wald steht, psychisch gestört? Was ist "unangemessenes Verhalten"? Wer bestimmt die Unangemessenheit? Bedeutet "persönliches Leid" automatisch, dass eine Störung vorliegt? Bedeutet umgekehrt das Nichtvorhandensein persönlichen Leids, dass keine Störung vorliegt? Ist die Tatsache, dass etwas statistisch selten ist, ein Kriterium für Gesundheit oder Krankheit oder für Störung oder Normalität? Bedeutet die Beeinträchtigung der Lebensführung zwangsweise, dass eine psychische Störung vorliegt? Bedeutet Selbst- oder Fremdschädigung, dass eine psychische Störung vorliegt oder sind sie ganz einfach eine bestimmte Form des Verhaltens, das bestimmte Konsequenzen nach sich zieht?

Tatsächlich waren "psychische Störungen" wohl mitursächlich für die menschliche Evolution. Ohne sie hätte es wohl nicht immer einen Grund für eine Weiterentwicklung der Menschheit oder für neue Erfindungen gegeben. Diese "Störungen" eröffneten neue Perspektiven und Herangehensweisen.

Anstatt den ICD-10 (oder bald -11) oder den DSM auswendig zu lernen und als Grundlage für eine "Therapie" zu machen, würde eine komplett neue Sichtweise menschlichen Empfindens und Verhaltens auch komplett neue Möglichkeiten des Umgangs hiermit eröffnen.

A Word to "Ex-Gay Leaders"

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 2:05 PM

Some might not like to hear what I am saying, but it needs to be said. No wonder the ex-gay (or "purity" or whatever you call it)-movement has so little impact on society! Look at its "leaders": They brag with scientific credentials in psychiatry and/or psychology while most have no credentials at all or at best low-level ones. Extremely few really are psychiatrists. Others point out their theological "achievements". It is not an achievement when you were appointed pastor by some small church - which would not be recognized by 99% of Christianity! Others try to make their own name big, forgetting who really set them free. Then you have those who studied theology or whatever else and now claim to be expert on any given field. Most of their "knowledge" comes from stuff they have read somewhere. Finally you have those who travel across the globe and write books about how to find freedom from same-sex attractions, how to look at them from a Christian and scientific point of view, how to deal with them from a political perspective - you get the picture. The "I-know-everything"-types. However, if you look at their private lives things do not look so shiny - they might be divorced or married a divorced partner, which makes their cohabitation a form of adultry no better than any homosexual act.


So what am I getting at? That we are all liars and hypocrites?


I can't look into someone's heart, so it is not up to me to say that. But! we should stick at what we truly know about and not try to beat the world in areas where it is better than we will ever be. God does not need credentials. Your own life story is worth a whole lot more if you present it - and yourself - authentically! Don't try to brush it up, to make it look better. Don't push your own agenda, but God's.


As Doug from Homosexuals Anonymous used to say: "The only thing that keeps us from finding true freedom is the belief that it can be done!"


He sometimes told me how they started off in 1976, having no fancy psychology books, but the Bible. Yet to this day I have not met a man with a stronger faith than Dr. Douglas McIntyre, who passed away in 2015.


He did not put human science down, but he gave credit where credit was due.


Finally, at the end of the day, we need a love bigger than whatever our hearts and bodies held on to so far. A love that can give eternal life.


May 19th, 2017


Robert Gollwitzer

Director Homosexuals Anonymous

Anger issues?

Posted on April 13, 2017 at 4:55 PM

Have you ever been told you have an "anger issue" - along with some Bible verses to help you to repent? Anger is a completely normal emotion. Nobody (!) does NOT get angry. Jesus got angry. He got so angry He chased the merchants out of the temple. Stop pretending you have no emotions and/or emotions are a bad thing. Emotions have a function in our lives. We have them for a reason. Without emotions, humanity would not even have survived. They protect us, motivate us or prevent us from doing something. Get a life!