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Civil Partnership in Romania

Posted on April 24, 2015 at 2:20 PM

Romania: Civil partnership, committee favorably advised the project of the Chamber of Deputies

Remus Cernea, Romanian deputy obtained yesterday what he himself called it “ a historic vote”: 7 deputies vote FOR and 4 deputies vote AGAINST, 1 deputy didn’t vote.

Civil partnership wanted to equivalate the traditional wedding with gay partnership, LGBT can have same rights as the married people.

The set of rights under the bill include:

- "Property acquired during civil partnership, any partner shall, from the date of their acquisition, joint property of the partners in the joint property, except where the two partners have decided otherwise by contract civil partnership."

- "The income of both partners will be considered together when calculating the minimum income guarantee in accordance with the Law Nr.416 / 2001 MIG; when contracting a bank loan will take into account the income of both partners. "

- "Medical services needed one partner who has no medical insurance may be granted under the medical insurance of the other civil partner; in case of hospitalization of one partner, the other is considered belonging "

- "On the death of one partner, the surviving partner is entitled to inheritance when the competition comes with either class of heirs, inheritance law especially on furniture and objects belonging to the household and gifts received by the partners during the civil partnership as well as the habitation on tenant. "

- "Surviving partner is entitled to a survivor's pension under art. 83-93 of Law no. 263/2010 on the public pension system and other social insurance rights and the legislation in force "

- "Either of the two partners have the right to continue the lease of the house when leaving permanent residence by the holder of the lease or death."

- "The two partners have the right to move and reside freely and the right of permanent residence in Romania according to Government Emergency Ordinance no.102 / 2005 on the free movement of citizens of EU Member States and EEA European citizens and the Swiss Confederation "

- "If the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship, both partners benefit from the provisions of Article 8 of Law No. Romanian citizenship. 21/1991 "