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Strange facebook pages...

Posted on February 27, 2015 at 12:05 AM

Every now and then people are asking me what those „strange“ pages and groups do on my facebook page that do not seem to fit at all into what they believe my Christian faith is all about.


That reminds me of the old days when people took offense when Jesus hung out with prostitutes and all the other “scum” of society.


What are the two things each Christian should know and obey as core rules? The Great Commandment and the Great Commission.


The Great Commandment teaches us to love each and everyone. If we only love those who love us in return, how would we be any different from non-believers?


As to the Great Commission – it tells us to go OUT, spread the Good News and make disciples. It doesn't’ say improve your programs, get better entertainment, water down your message, hire professionals and work on your fundraising and publicity strategies in order to get more butts in the seats and with them more money. Jesus did not build a physical temple either to sit there and wait till people would come knocking at His door. He went out and hung out with those who needed Him most. The “untouchables” that all the others were shunning.


Now with that having said, there are rules and boundaries for that. You need to be stable in your own faith, hold yourself accountable and make sure you have a daily spiritual structure in order to do that. These are dangerous waters where the Prince of the Air rules. If you are somewhat unstable or still in a recovery process whatsoever, you better be careful. For all the rest, however, this is part of their calling. If we feel weird doing that, we might think about our own understanding of what a disciple of Christ (a “Christian”) is all about – and what not.