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Real Men

Posted on January 15, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Isn't it interesting how many men with same-sex attractions are attracted by "masculine" or "hetero-type" men and bash effeminate men? "Masculinity" is defined through its appearance - which pretty much comes down to muscular, hairy mature men with beards. That is just as distorted a picture of a man as it is to believe make-up, silikon and high heels will turn a man into a woman. Basically, this is a tragic symptom of a deeply-rooted gender identity disorder. The individual tries to find his masculinity either by trying to "look like a man" or at least by bonding with one (i.e. having sex with him). This will never make you a real man - quite on the contrary. It will make the gap between you and your masculine identity even bigger.

Insight from a Heterosexual

Posted on January 15, 2015 at 5:30 PM

I read this confusion among SSA people all the time asking what normal should feel like and there's always something I want to say to alleviate some of your pressure that I can't find the right words to express.

Firstly, yes, I'd guess a significant number of so-called heterosexuals have dallied in same-sex experimentation and many likely found it somewhat pleasing but only because of the deeper and second point.

Second is that we are compelled in a variety of ways to seek pleasure whether its sexual or eating or relaxation. When you combine that fact with news stories of guys getting arrested for having sex with lawn chairs or pit bulls, you realize there is a strata involved. SSA seems to somehow cross connect same-sex bonding with the lower more fundamental strata of sexual intimacy. Since sexual gratification itself can be found many ways. The key, then, seems to be finding that linkage, which I suspect is very individual, that someone mistakenly ties sexual gratification with same-sex bonding. And I think we already know it in many cases. Same-sex sexual abuse rates high on the list. The individual has been mentally conditioned, like Pavolov's dogs, to know where to find sexual gratification due to the only sexual experience they know - the abuse. There are other more intricate causes too but to answer your question as a non-SSA, skirt chasing red-blooded type heterosexual -- yes, that part of us that seeks gratification, particularly sexual gratification passes through our minds in reference to many potential partners. This is something, I think most people are afraid to say, but I say it because I'm secure in who I am and I feel badly watching you struggle. I could find sexual gratification in another male (or blow up doll, a hollow tree, someone's grandmother) but most of us filter through a protocol of appropriateness for one and secondly we focus on the fruits of a compatible opposite sex mate who are exquisitely designed for our maximum pleasure.

In my opinion, this only leaves the question then -- what psychological gain are you seeking in your desire for emotional intimacy with a same-sex person. We all love people of the same sex. We have spiritual brothers and sisters we would die for - but we don't take that additional step of intermingling it with a need for sexual gratification from them.

J. (used with permission)