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Weg mit der "Homo-Ehe"!

Posted on July 1, 2016 at 10:35 AM

Weg mit der "Homo-Ehe"! Die traditionelle Ehe zwischen Mann und Frau ist das Beste für alle Beteiligten und muss die Norm bleiben. Auch sollten Kinder nur in solche Verbindungen zur Adoption freigegeben werden!

Alles andere öffnet weiteren "Modellen" Tür und Tor! Wer verbindlich zusammen leben möchte, kann es auch mit einer zivilrechtlichen Vereinbarung tun. Eine Witwenrente ist ein Ausgleich für den Verdienstausfall während der Kindererziehung und eine Würdigung derselben und sollte als solche nur heterosexuellen Ehen mit Kindern vorbehalten bleiben!

Are children of same-sex couples really physically healthier and better off regarding their social well-being than their peers?

Posted on July 9, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Another study went around the globe recently claiming just that. Now I won’t go into a study ping-pong citing other studies with different results here.


However, it is worth and important going into details to be able to form an opinion.


First it is crucial to take a closer look at what has been researched and what time period has been observed. As important as physical health is, but the argument of pro-life group goes not into that direction. They say that on the long (!) run, the negative emotional, psychological and spiritual consequences of same-sex parenting far outweigh traditional Christian family upbringing. And this for good reasons that are hard to deny: It is an undisputed fact that same-sex “parents” split up far more than their heterosexual counterparts. Also their average understanding of “partnership” is way different from a traditional Christian one. I don’t think that anybody would seriously claim that a divorce or a breaking-up of the parents is healthy and good for the children involved.


Some practical consequences of same-sex parenting: Two women CANNOT teach their “son” what it means to be a man and how to become one. They cannot teach him how to find a good woman, what his role in family, society, church and politics is all about. The same for two men: they cannot teach their “daughter” what it means to be a woman, how to find a good man and how to find their female role in life. Some same-sex “parents” might object now that these traditional gender roles are to be overthrown anyway. The problem with this: gender mainstreaming (the attempt to wipe out any differences between men and women, leaving it up to the individual which gender or which mixture of genders he or she chooses) is by far the most destructive tendency for both men and women and can hardly be seen as something healthy for the children. Gender roles are so deeply seated in humans that any attempt to change them will have grave consequences.


Another problem: If you try to find out at a given moment in time whether someone is “happy” or “emotionally healthy”, then you will face some serious problems. “Happiness” is a relative term. A drunken alcoholic can also be “happy” (and for those screaming now I compare kids with alcoholics: No, I compare humans with humans. Just in case you forgot: Alcoholics are humans too). And the above mentioned long-term consequences of not finding one’s gender identity will not be noticed while observing a short time period.


Interestingly, those who did the above study also said that this study was rather small and has not been a randomized and controlled trial. So bottom line: Instead of quoting studies that actually don’t say much to prove one’s point, it might be better to look at historical experiences and facts and use some common sense.