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For the longest time I believed that I was born a woman inside a man’s body. This is part of the big lie I told myself until June of 2000 when, while being part of Overeaters Anonymous, I asked Jesus Christ to remove this condition because I thought it might be a character defect because it prevented me from doing meaningful service for others.

It is not an accident that I am a group leader in a self-help mental health group. The truth I came to know from my 12-step work in OA and my readings in recovery books by Dr. Abraham Low was that I was a man with very low self-esteem. I did not believe that women would accept me as a man and felt that just being a man made me less than human.

My father was an alcoholic who played the tough-guy role. He had shame about himself and felt that the world hated him because he was Jewish. The relationship I had with him was a brutal one. I did not want to be like him or around him. Unconsciously, I could not see myself as male.

My mother had little confidence in herself and did not know how to encourage me when I was growing up. She also failed to protect me from my father’s physical and emotional abuse. This helped create a condition in which I had a compulsion to wear women’s clothes. I felt comfortable in them because it gave me a sense of protection that children must get from their mothers. Psychologically, this fed the lie that I was a woman in a man’s body.

I was born Jewish but was not allowed to go to Hebrew School because my father was an atheist. I felt like an outsider and this feeling intensified when I failed the fourth grade. My mother sent me to summer school, but I still had to repeat fourth grade. My self-esteem was further crushed and it took years for me to come to terms with failure.

Further, the women’s movement has tended to paint all men with a broad brush, and this added to my shame at being male.

I tried psychotherapy and looked to several psychiatrists as role models but felt sold-out when their therapy did me more harm than good. I attempted suicide after seeing the first psychiatrist for four years and ended up in the state hospital.

Fortunately, I came to know the love of Christ and that has made all the difference in my life. Then, learning to deal with temper and work through my mental health problems by spotting temper and endorsing myself for working through my difficulties, seeing the proof that my identity could be restored to the gender I was born with through HA, and a spiritual program of daily prayer has made a new man, a real man, of me.

Unfortunately today many men and a growing number of women are getting sex-change operations. The lie they believe is that they were born in the wrong bodies, but the truth is that many men and women are simply unusually gifted with some abilities that are more common in the opposite gender. Many women make fine engineers, but are as female as other women; many men make fine schoolteachers, but are as male as other men.

Perhaps it’s the loss of common sense among some in the mental health profession, the modern culture we live in where everything is supposed to come easy, and our own laziness in refusing to work hard on difficult issues that leads us to accept the lie. It must, however, be rejected!

Were it not for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, I do not know where I would be today. Because of Him, for the first time in years I can look in the mirror and be grateful that God made me a man. Jesus Christ is developing me in His image as a Christian man and restoring my true identity.

As I’m enjoying my own maleness, attending the men’s group at my church, and enjoying the company of women, I know that God knew what He was doing when He made me a man.

Don’t believe the lie!

--Albert S.,
Phoenix, A

"Noxeema Jackson: When a straight man puts on a dress and gets his sexual kicks, he is a transvestite. When a man is a woman trapped in a man's body and has a little operation he is a Transsexual.

Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez: I know that.

Noxeema Jackson: When a gay man has way too much fashion sense for one gender he is a drag queen.

Vida Boheme: Thank you.

Noxeema Jackson: And when a tired little Latin boy puts on a dress, he is simply a boy in a dress!"

To Wong Foo, thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Gender Ideology Harms Children

March 21, 2016 – a temporary statement with references. A full statement will be published in summer 2016.

The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.

1. Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: “XY” and “XX” are genetic markers of health – not genetic markers of a disorder. The norm for human design is to be conceived either male or female. Human sexuality is binary by design with the obvious purpose being the reproduction and flourishing of our species. This principle is self-evident. The exceedingly rare disorders of sex development (DSDs), including but not limited to testicular feminization and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, are all medically identifiable deviations from the sexual binary norm, and are rightly recognized as disorders of human design. Individuals with DSDs do not constitute a third sex.1

2. No one is born with a gender. Everyone is born with a biological sex. Gender (an awareness and sense of oneself as male or female) is a sociological and psychological concept; not an objective biological one. No one is born with an awareness of themselves as male or female; this awareness develops over time and, like all developmental processes, may be derailed by a child’s subjective perceptions, relationships, and adverse experiences from infancy forward. People who identify as “feeling like the opposite sex” or “somewhere in between” do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women.2,3,4

3. A person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking. When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind not the body, and it should be treated as such. These children suffer from gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria (GD), formerly listed as Gender Identity Disorder (GID), is a recognized mental disorder in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-V).5 The psychodynamic and social learning theories of GD/GID have never been disproved.2,4,5

4. Puberty is not a disease and puberty-blocking hormones can be dangerous. Reversible or not, puberty- blocking hormones induce a state of disease – the absence of puberty – and inhibit growth and fertility in a previously biologically healthy child.6

5. According to the DSM-V, as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty.5

6. Children who use puberty blockers to impersonate the opposite sex will require cross-sex hormones in late adolescence. Cross-sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are associated with dangerous health risks including but not limited to high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke and cancer.7,8,9,10

7. Rates of suicide are twenty times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBQT – affirming countries.11 What compassionate and reasonable person would condemn young children to this fate knowing that after puberty as many as 88% of girls and 98% of boys will eventually accept reality and achieve a state of mental and physical health?

8. Conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse. Endorsing gender discordance as normal via public education and legal policies will confuse children and parents, leading more children to present to “gender clinics” where they will be given puberty-blocking drugs. This, in turn, virtually ensures that they will “choose” a lifetime of carcinogenic and otherwise toxic cross-sex hormones, and likely consider unnecessary surgical mutilation of their healthy body parts as young adults.

Michelle A. Cretella, M.D.

President of the American College of Pediatricians

Quentin Van Meter, M.D.

Vice President of the American College of Pediatricians

Pediatric Endocrinologist

Paul McHugh, M.D.

University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital


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Bio: Susan T. is the youngest of three girls born and still resides in the eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Gender Identity Confusion began when she was a toddler, continuing even when she

made Jesus Saviour of her life in 1980. In the early 90's she enrolled in Another Chance Ministries (Marjorie Hopper - Director) as Steve. During this programme, Jesus became Lord of her life and with the power of God beside her began her healing journey. Susan was a pastor for a short time, volunteered in various committees such as Another Chance Ministries. She has been helping in many

organizations such as 100 Huntley Street, Vancouver Challenge (Teen Challenge), and various street missions. She is an itinerate evangelist (Phillippines, Indonesia, Canada, Caribbean) and itinerate

worship leader.

After taking a sabbatical from ex-gay ministry she began being connected with Exodus Global Alliance in Canada and she is now being used by the Lord to show that though going through the journey to understand Gender Identity Confusion and walk in truth of who she is may come through overcoming some painful steps, it is worth it. And now walks in freedom.

I accepted the Lord as Saviour in July 1980 @ 16 yrs old. He knew where I was but He was waiting for me to see Him. Though born a girl, most of my childhood was filled with my mother implying that I was not a typical Japanese girl & didn't belong. I didn't like what girls were supposed to like, etc. This started my self identification as "I must be a boy" starting in toddler ages. Meanwhile there was always a nagging feeling that my father was missing out because he didn't have a son. The words I chose to embrace from my mother were, “if you were a boy,” etc. or “you're just like your father.” I tried

to ignore the words & feelings given from my mother.

When I was 5 our family, except for my dad, went on a trip to Japan from Canada.

At that time people who were in the plane’s boarding area could see their loved ones waiting for takeoff. I remember seeing my father hanging his head and looking so lonely. It was then that I decided that I was going to be the son he never had. I was sad to go but relieved too because there was some molestation happening. But the trip to Japan confirmed that I wasn't feminine. I did not fit in.

When we returned home to Canada, I kept getting worse because the Canadian families I was exposed to (next-door neighbours, TV, etc.) all regularly said “I love you” to each other but my family did not. I did not realize that in the Japanese culture they say I love you by providing for you, taking care of family members, etc. I didn’t

understand so I felt totally unloved by my real family. By the age of eight I came very close to stabbing myself a few times but, even though I was a Buddhist, I heard God say ``don`t do it.”

At age 10 (March 11, 1974), I was raped. At this point disassociation started occurring. While the rape was happening to me the sensation was akin to me going out of my body and the experience was happening to someone else. This started my coping

mechanism for flight from pain. I`m a boy -- all that ugly stuff happening to me is because of that body on the outside. As a result at the age of 12 I contemplated more heavily the thought of suicide. I remember I was in my bedroom, placed a knife to my stomach and just as I was about to plunge The Spirit spoke to me and said He loved me which made me stop.

When I was thirteen, CKVU (Channel 13) began airing soft-core porn (geared more for men with sexuality from a man`s perspective) after midnight, starting a 25 year habit for me. At this time I was aspiring to be a male rock singer like BTO and The Guess Who which led me to have long hair. Nobody suspected my problem because I didn`t look butch. My father and I started having physical fights (but we are pretty good father & daughter now). And my mother began blaming me for the problems between her and

Dad. I began to look into the Occult.

The Lord really protected me at this time – any relationships with women didn`t last when I told them I was becoming a male (straight or lesbian). On the other hand, men interested in me were all dedicated Christian boys but even during the date I was preoccupied

with finding them good Christian women because I saw me dating a male as being a homosexual and I wasn`t a homosexual.

During this time every rejection I felt, every time I wasn't included in group activities, every failure, etc. I accounted to being a failure as a female. I began internally calling myself Steve while still answering to Sue. I decided to be the male. I decided to pursue a normal family where I would be the husband to a normal wife with kids.

I pursued relationships with normal women but they were short-lived because I felt as a Christian I loved them too much to be deceptive (I told them I wasn't physically a male). The lesbians didn't want me because I told them I was pursuing a sex-change operation. The lesbians were all after me until I told them I was having the operation to become a man. The local lesbian (women's) club advised me that I could attend their meetings only until I had my operation. Also my Father in Heaven kept reminding me if I really loved these women I wouldn't lead them to do anything that would jeopardize their relationship with Him. So my love for these people was bitter-sweet cause deep down I knew He was saying truth.

After a while I notified my sisters and sought out my general practitioner. The doctor said she would approve the operation and that I needed to get further approval from a psychiatrist at a Gender Dysphoria Clinic. I had already been passing as a male for a

long time even without the hormones. (You had to be living as a male at that time for one year). My non-Christian friends were calling me Steve. I was a rock'n roll musician so having long hair was a norm.

During this time I started going to Christian Life Assembly. I wanted to stop the pain by becoming a male but I also didn't want to lose my relationship with the Lord. After seeing the doctor many times and getting ready to go to the clinic, the time for disclosure was at hand. We were in the chapel and I exclaimed to some of the congregation, “Don't call me Sue, call me Steve. Sue will be no more.” Thank God for a pastor who was growing in the Lord. He began speaking life to me. A conversation I remember is when I stated I felt inferior because I wasn't a pastor, he stated that he thought I had gone farther because I was the first Christian in my family. At this point

many of my friends in the church began to really minister to me.

Many of my guy friends took me aside and let me still be one of the guys but I'm sure they prayed for me every day. I got together with 3 guys and we prayed with each other.

My Christian friends also let me know about their own personal struggles so I didn't feel like they treated me as inferior or like a project. By their actions my friends began to instill in me a desire to know The Truth and to live in the Truth. The truth is always the

truth no matter how much we try to lie to ourselves. No matter how deceived we are in our gender we can never run away from what came out originally.

My prayer now became ‘Lord Change Me to who You want me to be.’ Either I believe that God will do it or I don't believe in God at all. Either God is Truth (and all His decisions) or He is a liar. My pastor who was humble enough to admit that his 12 pastor staff didn't have the resources to “fix” me referred me to Another Chance Ministries with Marjorie Hopper. Because she was also a struggler of trans-gender issues Marjorie knew better than to call me a lesbian. But I was perplexed as to why I was put in this ex-gay ministry when my being attracted to women was quite heterosexual because I thought of myself as a male. I was indignant when she insisted I join the woman's group instead of the men’s group. I kept wondering what I was doing there. But this was the hand of God.

My small group leader Ruth took the brunt of my “I don't belong in this women’s group” mentality and patiently started talking to me. Ruth never had lesbian issues but she ministered to me better than someone who had been in the lifestyle. She ministered God. As we went through the 32 week programme, she did not put me in a box but uniquely asked the Lord to speak to me. I stayed in the women's group. It would be another 3 years (I was a small group leader) when Marjorie associated me with the L word.

The road to Wholeness in Christ means a break from the flight from pain. When we receive Christ we are broken vessels. As we continue to grow in Him, He takes these broken pieces and makes an object for His pleasure as He heals the pieces. In order to

create the object the pieces have to be moved -- they have to submit to the Potter even if it means they go through the fire again. Most importantly they don't react in the same way they did before. As we desire the Lord to set us free we must realize that whatever

coping mechanisms we used for our suffering must be submitted to Christ. Continuous surrender. Wholeness in Christ means to give God the final say. He is the only One who can be our all in all. He has big shoulders and just as a raging wound may have to hurt

for awhile to properly heal The Lord is with us to walk us through but walking through is imperative. He may do things like corner us to uncomfortable situations to help us get set free.

This began the journey of discovering the lies I believed about myself, lies I believed about others, the damaging effect of labels, inner vows, the importance of understanding inter-cultural practices and communication between generations, the importance of

being a team player, that no business is new business (1st Cor. 10:13) – the thought that no one can minister to me because no one has gone through what I went through – is a lie.


I am no longer a transsexual and have no desire to be a man. I am happy as the female I was born to be.

(Susan's testimony - used with permission).


Dr. McHugh über die Frage von Operationen zur Veränderung des Geschlechts: "Als die Praxis der Operation zur Veränderung des Geschlechts zum ersten Mal in den frühen 70ern aufkam, habe ich die Psychiater, die sich dafür aussprachen, immer daran erinnert, dass sie bei anderen Patienten - besonders Alkoholikern - das Gelassenheitsgebet zitieren würden ("Gott gebe mir die Gelassenheit, die Dinge anzunehmen, die ich nicht verändern kann, den Mut, die Dinge zu verändern, die ich verändern kann, und die Weisheit, den Unterschied zu erkennen"). Wie kamen sie also auf die Idee, dass unsere sexuelle Idenität ("Gender" war der von ihnen bevorzugte Ausdruck) als Männer oder Frauen auf der Liste der Dinge steht, die verändert werden können?

(Quelle: http://www.icnministries.org/resources/video.htm)



Eine neuer Kritikpunkt homosexueller Aktivisten: der "Zwang" zur Operation, zur "Geschlechtsumwandlung", will man das eigene Geschlecht auf der Geburtsurkunde ändern lassen.

Dies wird nun offensichtlich angegriffen. Es ist davon auszugehen, dass auch dies im Zuge - wenn auch gut gemeinter - der "Entscheidungsfreiheit" und der Ablehnung jeder Form von Diskriminierung kritisiert wird.

JedeR soll nun also dementsprechend frei entscheiden können, wer oder was er/sie ist. Und das auch so auf offiziellen Papieren eintragen lassen (zumindest fordern dies einige). Alles andere wäre ja diskriminierend und ein "Zwang".

Macht man es sich da nicht ein klein wenig zu leicht? Wer gibt uns das recht, einfach so über die Geschlechterrollen bestimmen zu dürfen? Ist man sich wirklich sicher, dass dies nur positive Wirkungen hat? Oder wird durch die allgemeine Verwirrung hinsichtlich der Geschlechtsidentität nicht vielmehr die Gesellschaft in ein heilloses Chaos gestürzt und unseren Kindern die so nötigen Vorbilder genommen?

Die Motive mögen durchaus gute sein - allein das macht das Ganze aber nicht richtig.

Es gibt ja bereits in den USA erste Konsequenzen solcher Vorstellungen: Da gibt es Toiletten für Frauen, Männer und "Gender Non-Specific" (also all die, die meinen, irgendwo dazwischen zu liegen). Andererseits sollen bei Nichtvorhandensein der dritten Variante Männer, die sich als Frauen sehen, auch deren Toiletten benutzen dürfen - ob nun mit oder ohne vorhergehender Operation. Was sagen eigentlich die Frauen dazu?

Menschen, die sich ihrer Geschlechtsidentität nicht sicher sind oder gar meinen, im falschen Körper geboren zu sein, haben oft Schlimmes durchgemacht und verdienen unser ganzes Mitgefühl und unsere Liebe. Die Lösung des Problems kann aber nicht sein, sich auf den Operationstisch zu legen oder die Geburtsurkunde zu ändern. Hier geht es nicht nur um ein persönliches Problem, sondern mittlerweile auch um ein gesellschaftliches.

Gott hat Mann und Frau geschaffen. Beide sind gleich viel wert - aber sie sind nicht dasselbe. Es gibt Unterschiede in ihren Rollen, Aufgaben - und Körpern.

Und das ist gut so.



Wie kommen wir eigentlich zu der Vorstellung, dass wir innere Konflikte therapieren können, in dem wir am Körper der Patienten herum schneiden?

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My Genes Made Me Do It!
A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation

By Dr Neil Whitehead and Briar Whitehead

Publisher: Huntington House,
P.O.Box 53788,
Lafayette, Louisiana, LA 70505

The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism  von J. Michael Bailey

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Denise Shick (Author), Jerry Gramckow (Author)

Paperback: 196 pages

Publisher: Xulon Press (February 27, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1604776773

ISBN-13: 978-1604776775


I used to be transgender. Here’s my take on kids who think they are transgender.

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Dr. med. R. Febres Landauro



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