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To contact the Jason ministry that is in charge of Australia, please contact Bishop Paul:

Pastor Paul (New Zealand)

Email: [email protected]

Landline: DD (0064) 3 327 7999

Mobile: DD (0064) 27 327 6000

The Joshua Circle

The Joshua Circle

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Joshua Circle provides pastoral counseling, pastoral care, spiritual accompaniment and healing prayer to those who face sexual and relational issues.  It also provides training and information programs for churches and pastoral workers on the issue pertaining to sexuality, spirituality and relationships.
Joshua has a particular focus on working with men and young people.  Joshua also has an extensive referral system to trusted local ministries. A support group for men struggling with sexual issues (eg. pornography, sexual addiction and/or unwanted same sex attraction) is in the works, if enough interest is garnered.
All inquiries are confidentially held.

For more information, email Noel at  [email protected]

Grace and Peace,


Australia - Links

Barnabas House (New South Wales)

Jane Dawson; 18 The Avenue, Hurstville NSW 2220

SM: licensed counsellor

Freedom! Ministries (New South Wales)

Director: Rev. Andrew Beel; Phone: 61 8 94471849, Fax: 61 8 9243 1017; 68 Justin Drive, Sorrento, WA, 6020, Australia.

E-Mail: [email protected]


Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. (New South Wales)

Directors: Simon Riches PO Box 67, Summer Hill, NSW 2130. Telephone: 011-61-02-9798-4685.


Liberty, Inc. (Queensland)

Director: Paul Wegner;  Phone: 61 7 3390 4250, Fax: 61 7 3371 4705; P.O Box 2083, Tingalpa, Queensland, 4173, Australia.

E-Mail: [email protected]


More Links & Infos


Brisbane, QLD: St. Lucia, contact Fr. Gregory Jordan, S.J.,                
Phone 07 3878 0638, Email, [email protected]

Brisbane, QLD: Nundah, contact: Brendan Scarce:
[email protected]                                                          
phone number: 07 3865 2464                                                    

Melbourne, VIC: Hawthorne,                                                      
contact Fr. Denis Ward, OFM Cap.                                                     
Email: [email protected]



L J Goody Bioethics Centre
39 Jugan St, Glendalough

Tel: (+618) 9242 4066
Fax: (+618) 9242 4067

Sydney, NSW: Broadway,  
contact Josef at [email protected]

Living Waters

Ron Brookman
Living Waters Ministries Australia
P.O. Box 440
Sans Souci
N.S.W. 2219
Phone: (61) 29 529 0022
Fax: (61) 29 5295436
E-mail: [email protected]

Other useful addresses:

Gender Menders



Contact Details

Gender Identity Awareness Association (GIAA)

PO Box 499

Diamond Creek

Victoria 3089



Email-GIAA at [email protected]

Email-Gender Menders at [email protected]

 |GIAA|   |Gender Menders|   |Contact|   |*NB| 


Australian Federation for the Family

Steve Hill
PO Box2271 Coffs Harbour
NSW 2450
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: www.mkpau.org


The Australian Federation of Men's Health & Wellbeing Associations Inc.

Our associations are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of men and boys and to create a better world for all.

Pathways Foundation - runs the "Pathways to Manhood" nationwide rites of passage program for adolescent boys with their fathers (or significant male). A week long bush camp experience that acknowledges and honours this major transition of a boy entering into the world of men in a healthy way. It also supports and acknowledges the profound changes that the young man's mother and father need to adjust to. Many of the MKP Australia warriors are actively involved in this important community project, both as participants and facilitators. Two of the founders are intitiated warrriors.
The aim of the Pathways to Manhood programme is twofold. The first is to assist in the transition from boy to young man which is a critical period in the life of any teenage boy. The second is to inspire our boys to have a vision and reach their potential.

The Pathways programme has desired outcomes that include:
• Increased self esteem
• Improved communication and leadership skills
• Decreased harmful behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse
• Decreased youth suicide
• Better results at school
• Healthier and more stable families

The Pathways to Manhood programme was developed by men interested and concerned about the health and wellbeing of boys and young men in Australia. These men believe that boys need a range of adult men as role models, confidants, mentors, heroes and friends who will journey with them as they develop their male identity and thus grow into balanced integrated men themselves.

Fatherhood Related Sites

The Uncle Project
Byron Child
Manhood Online
Steve Biddulph
Pathways Foundation
Men's Line
Men's Health & Wellbeing
Australian Camp
Connect Association
Families NOW

Uncle is an mentoring and activities program for local boys without active fathers, a community-based organisation committed to guiding and supporting young boys in their personal development during a challenging period of their lives.

Update November 2017


I forgot to add the important part of my update, the figures.

Please find the correct report as follows.

Jason Ministries Update

(Oceania, Africa, Asia, Middle East)

COUNTRY Nov 2016 March 2017 + -

1) Afghanistan 03 07 04
2) American Samoa 18 16 02
3) Australia 11 13 02
4) DC Congo 10 13 03
5) Fiji 05 02 03
6) Ghana 03 07 04
7) Iran 15 19 04
8)Kenya 05 02 03
9)New Caledonia 10 09 01
10) New Zealand 07 09 02
11) Nigeria 02 02 - -
12) Papua New Guinea 37 35 02
13) Philippines 64 71 07
14) Republic of the Congo 08 11 03
15) Samoa 23 23 - -
16) Singapore 30 35 05
17) Sri Lanka 13 13 - -
18) South Africa 09 10 01
19) Sudan 05 05 - -
20) Thailand 42 49 07

21) Uganda 00 00 - -
22) United Kingdom 06 04 02
23) United States of America 08 13 05

Totals 334 386 47 13

Increase Total 52.

Of interest is the following:

Increase All countries with the exception of the following.

No change Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda

Loss American Samoa, Fiji, Kenya, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea , United Kingdom.

This represents an increase of 52since November 2016 Online Group members.

Sadly we lost 13 online members Internationally. We will pray that they return and try again to overcome SSA.

A few countries are bucking the trend in their respective countries and this is represented in their figures.

Philippines, Singapore and Thailand are continuing to grow regardless of their openness to "selling sex" now seen as a tourist commodity and unacceptable in the sight of almighty God. Please pray that more people will see the light and desire freedom.

Iran sadly displays an open rejection to SSA. which is punishable by execution. However, almighty God is opening a door for that country to share their concerns and frustrations with SSA. Covert underground church related activity has increased the number of anonymous members to 19 which is an increase 04 members since November 2016.

The online anonymity seems to be helping members by holding firm to their confidences and yet at the same time, opening up to much needed sharing with others who are experiencing the same or similar concerns in the lives as far as SSA goes. I am likewise seeing a deepening of Christian understandings by a number within the Group. This is a very difficult thing to achieve given the backgrounds that some have come from given the countries that they live in and the pressures that they live under such as Islamic and other beliefs that have ruled their lives. It is a blessing to see these men opening their hearts to receive the Gospel and indeed starting to talk freely about almighty God. One of the joys is that so many have returned to church commitment and are growing even stronger in the daily and spiritual walks.

The Lord is continuing to do a mighty work of grace in the above mentioned countries. Oftentimes I have no knowledge as to how these dear souls happen to come across JASON, but I am pleased they do. There is so much hurt, suffering and pain being experienced by these members that they are crying for help and turning to Jesus Christ to turn them from SSA to that which is beautiful in His sight.

I now have assistance that is making this task somewhat lighter on myself. Thank you Jesus. 

Let us together uphold these dear people and their countries before the throne of grace and seek blessings on them all from almighty God.

God bless.

Kia tau te aroha noa ki a koe. Amine.

(Grace be with you. Amen)

Jason Online Anonymous Group
November 2017

Country Mar-17 Nov-17 + -
1 Afganistan 7 11 4
2 American Samoa 16 12 4
3 Australia 13 15 2
4 Bangladesh 5 5
5 Brazil 9 9
6 DC Congo 13 15 2
7 Fiji 2 1 1
8 Ghana 7 10 3
9 Iran 19 22 3
10 Kenya 2 1 1
11 New Caledonia 9 12 3
12 New Zealand 9 15 6
13 Nigeria 2 3 1
14 Paua New Guinea 35 41 6
15 Peru 7 7
16 Philippines 71 84 13
17 Republic Congo 11 9 2
18 Samoa 23 22 1
19 Singapore 35 39 4
20 Sri Lanka 13 17 4
21 Solomon Islands 4 4
22 South Africa 10 13 3
23 Sudan 5 4 1
24 Thailand 49 56 7
25 Uganda 0 1 1
26 United Kingdom 4 9 5
27 USA 13 17 4

Totals 368 454 96 10

Of interest is the following.

1. The following new countries joined the Group. Bangladesh, Brazil, Peru. Solomon Islands.
2. Losses totalled 10 in numbers. We hope and pray that these dear souls will return to the Group and grow in the love of Jesus and accept a more complete understanding of SSA.
3. An incredible growth of 96 members is surely all praise to Almighty God. The interesting part of growth comes from
A 4 new countries bringing 25 new members.
B Incredible growth in Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. These countries are sadly rampant with “rent boys”. Slowly this is being exposed as unhealthy for all concerned.
4 Iran although sadly adverse to SSA, we note a healthy increase by 3 which is amazing given the pressure this country remains under.

The on-line anonymity seems to be helping members by holding firm to their confidences and yet at the same time, opening up to much

Christian understanding and acceptance is increasing with members and a number have surrendered their hearts to Jesus as a result.
With your permission Robert I would like to appoint 6 OVA members who are well verses in SSA and are trusted by the Assembly in all ways to assist in looking after close on 500 SSA members. I should mention that these members of OVA are qualified to undertake the difficulty of this task. This will be of no value to OVA other than in hearing the cries and needs of these poor souls and the offer of guidance. Please advise me Robert.

May almighty God bless you all with love and blessings.

Archbishop Paul