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Wieviel Ausgaben für Schwule?

Posted on December 20, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Wie kommt es, dass einem niemand im Münchner Rathaus oder von den dortigen Parteien genau sagen kann, wieviel dort Jahr für Jahr für welche schwul-lesbischen Projekte, Organisationen ausgegeben wird? Ich bin Münchner und musste teils mehrmals nachfragen, bevor ich überhaupt eine (ausweichende) Antwort bekommen habe. Fakt ist: das weiß entweder niemand oder will niemand sagen. Zu einer Anfrage im Stadtrat ist auch keiner zu bewegen. Sollte der Haushalt nicht in allen Details online für alle verfügbar sein? Dort findet man zwar Angaben über einzelne Ausgaben, nirgendwo aber das Gesamt-Paket. Möglicherweise aus gutem Grund?


Posted on December 17, 2016 at 10:40 AM

I find it funny when Christian counselors or people who are involved in pastoral care keep on repeating the "mantra" that you should not give advice to someone, but rather help him or her finding it out themselves while at the same time "guiding" them into exactly the very direction the advice would have gone. This is what people usually refer to as manipulation. To help someone find out things by himself or herself has its place in counseling - as well as an advice has.

Exchanging one sin for another

Posted on December 7, 2016 at 5:50 AM

For those among us who found freedom and married a beautiful wife or husband: Praise the Lord! Those, however, who married a divorced partner did not find freedom, they simply exchanged one sin for another. If you love your partner, you want the best for him/her - and the best is always the best in God's eyes. You loose all of your credibility when you keep on talking about ex-gay stuff while continuing to live in another sinfuld live. Most of all, you do not do us (and yourself) a favor with that - quite on the contrary. And please stop justifying that with your own personal view of the Bible that happens to meet your lifestyle. This is exactly what gay Christians do.

Update from Down Under

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 8:35 AM



I forgot to add the important part of my update, the figures.


Please find the correct report as follows.


Jason Ministries Update


(Oceania, Africa, Asia, Middle East)


COUNTRY August 2016 November 2016 Plus Minus


1) Afghanistan 02 03 +1


2) American Samoa 16 18 +2


3) Australia 11 11


4) DC Congo 08 10 +2


5) Fiji 04 05 +1


6) Ghana 01 03 +2


7) Iran 13 15 +2


8) Kenya 06 05 -1


9)New Caledonia 07 10 +3


10) New Zealand 08 07 -1


11) Nigeria 02 02


12) Papua New Guinea 31 37 +6


13) Philippines 58 64 +6


14) Republic of the Congo 07 08 +1


15) Samoa 19 23 +4


16) Singapore 27 30 +3


17) Sri Lanka 13 13


18) South Africa 06 09 +3


19) Sudan 05 05


20) Thailand 39 42 +3


21) Uganda 00 00


22) United Kingdom 03 06 +3


23) United States of America 04 08 +4


Totals 290 334 +46 -2


Of interest is the following:


Increase All countries with the exception of the following.


No change Australia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan


Loss New Zealand, Kenya


This represents an increase of 46 since August 2016 Online Group members.


Sadly we lost 2 online members Internationally. We will pray that they return and try again to overcome SSA.


A few countries are bucking the trend in their respective countries:


Philippines and Thailand are continuing to grow regardless of their openness to "selling sex" now seen as a tourist commodity and unacceptable in the sight of almighty God. Please pray that more people will see the light and desire freedom.


Iran is sadly displays an open rejection of SSA. However, almighty God is opening a door for that country to share their concerns and frustrations with SSA.


The online anonymity seems to be helping members by holding firm to their confidences and yet at the same time, opening up to much needed sharing with others who are experiencing the same or similar concerns in the lives as far as SSA goes. I am likewise seeing a deepening of Christian understandings by a number within the Group. This is a very difficult thing to achieve given the backgrounds that some have come from given the countries that they live in and the pressures that they live under such as Islamic and other beliefs that have ruled their lives. It is a blessing to see these men opening their hearts to receive the Gospel and indeed starting to talk freely about almighty God.


The Lord is continuing to do a mighty work of grace in the above mentioned countries. Oftentimes I have no knowledge as to how these dear souls happen to come across JASON, but I am pleased they do. There is so much hurt, suffering and pain being experienced by these members that they are crying for help and turning to Jesus Christ to turn them from SSA to that which is beautiful in His sight.


Let us together uphold these dear people and their countries before the throne of grace and seek blessings on them all from almighty God.


God bless.


Kia tau te aroha noa ki a koe. Amine.


(Grace be with you. Amen)


+ Paul Andrews DD


His Eminence Paul Andrews DD


Rt. Rev. Archbishop and Representative


Jason Ministries Oceania Region


Email: [email protected]

Treating sick people with same-sex attractions

Posted on November 6, 2016 at 11:50 AM

Every sick person deserves compassion and necessary care and treatment. This does not mean, however, that you cannot say an open word as to the causes for this sickness.

Men who have sex with men (MSM) are accountable for a high percentage of persons with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In Germany, you can check the numbers for yourself here: www.rki.de. Included are not even follow-up diseases like drug addictions, mental problems, physical diseases and so on that result from a high-risk lifestyle only all too common among some of the men with same-sex attractions ("homosexuals"). Obviously, safer-sex campaigns don't work as they should (aside the fact that they do not protect against all STDs, they also start at the end of the chain. Teaching the true meaning of love, marriage and sex might do a far better job). Society has to pay the high costs of the health treatments of those persons then. The same society that is usually blamed for as being "homophobic". However, it is not this society whom you can blame for when you become sick because of irresponsible sexual behavior. It is no other than yourself.

Bringing this up is politically not correct. I will even top it with this: Whoever lives in a monogamous, heterosexual, lifelong Christian marriage will not become HIV or any of the other health problems mentioned above. Some will not like that, but it definitely needs to be said.

We help financing gay public events and the gay movement in general, when the outcome is more than shocking - and oftentimes irresponsible.

Friends on facebook

Posted on October 13, 2016 at 11:40 AM

There are those kind of 'friends' that unfriend and ban you on facebook with a snip of their finger - and then wonder why they have no friends in real live either. I guess because you have not the slightest idea of what friendship is all about! Pouting like a five year-old when some disagrees with you and booting him out because of that sure is not the behavior of a mature man that can live with the fact that a friend can have another opinion or even criticize him. People that don't care about you tell you what you want to hear. Only those that really love you tell you want you need to hear. Cutting you off from them will hurt you the most.

Stumbling on the Way to Freedom

Posted on September 17, 2016 at 2:05 PM

Why do so many people with same-sex attractions stumble on the way to freedom? Here some reasons:

- So far, they used the easy fix to deal with their hurts and their legitimate unfulfilled needs. Now they are supposed to do something, which is way harder, even though it leads to a better goal, heals their hurts and really satisfies their needs. The quick fix is just too tempting at times...

- No stress- and frustration-tolerance.

- Lack of ability to set yourself a goal and pursue it - no matter what.

- Everyone around them keeps on telling them to do whatever they feel like doing. It's all about "love", right?

- Lack of a love that is bigger than the lust.

Manhood on the Internet

Posted on August 28, 2016 at 6:55 AM

What's the point of using someone else's picture for your account? It is pathetic to see a guy whose age according to his account is in the 20s and who uses the picture of a man in his 40s with muscles and moustache. That does not make you more of a man, but a whole lot less. Manhood is something you have to earn. It is not given to you just like that and you certainly cannot steal it from someone else. Moreover, muscles and moustache do NOT automatically make a man!


Posted on August 13, 2016 at 5:10 PM

I don't get it why Christian authors brag with many "endorsements". A name of other "famous" Christians who write how good the book is. First, I am old enough to make my own judgement, second I understand that with a secular book, but when it comes to a Christian work, it certainly leaves a bitter taste for me. Like all they want is good sales. Sure, the would explain it away and point out how selfless those enhdorsements are... Get out of here. You want people to buy your book and try to get the big names to hail it. I am just thinking of the Christians of back then - like the doctors of the Church. None of them needed the praise of others. Their words and deeds spoke for themselves - or better: for Him. Because finally, it should not be about those authors, but about Jesus.

Ex-Gay Leaders

Posted on August 13, 2016 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I cannot understand how some ex-gays tour the world with spreading the biblical message of freedom from same-sex attractions when at the same time they married a divorced woman while being divorced themselves. That alone takes away pretty much all of your credibility.